Where truck supply meets demand

We work hard to secure contracts with corporations that are

in demand for truck transportation services

For Truck Owners

We offer long-term contracts (duration at a minimum of twelve months) without middleman intervention. The commodities available for loading range from coal, chrome and iron ore to sand and maize.

Truck owners who take on work through our company are guaranteed the following:

For Fleet Managers

We rely on fleet management companies for some of the work that we perform for our clients. 

Fleet management companies that have an interest in working with us must share in the quality standards we have. This is an imperative aspect we take into account before considering any new business ventures.

A satisfactory fleet management partner must have some of the qualities listed below:

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Call or email us for information on the latest loads that we have available.

Choose a partner that prioritizes empowerment, good principles and best business practice.

34 ton side tipper truck icon

We currently only work with side tipper interlink trucks.