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About SFG Projects

Truck transport, construction and financial consulting are at the core of our business.

We offer versatile solutions suited to your business

A holistic view of business becomes a strategic view as well. This has been the foundation of our business model. Our versatile service offering guarantees vast company experience across a spectrum of industries. Therefore, we can partner with our clients and supplies in more ways that one.

Initially trading as The Sanctum Finance, the company was founded in 2016 as an accounting and tax services provider. The initial vision was to assist emerging businesses and SMMEs with tax and other compliance procedures which are vital for the sustainability of any business. 

We have since branched into logistics and construction. The company also provides Information Technology and related services through a wholly owned subsidiary which was acquired at the beginning of 2019.

Committed to Black Economic Empowerment

Our company is one hundred percent black owned with fifty percent female ownership. In keeping to our vision of Black Empowerment we have implemented a company-wide policy to form partnership and engage in business with companies and / or individuals who support South African government policies with regards to BBBEE and BBBEE Codes of Best Practice and Corporate Governance.

Preference is given to companies that take a proactive approach to BBBEE policy implementation, particularly in the following disciplines:

To become a domineering market leader in the various service industries within our niche

Building a trustworthy name within industries where unethical business practice is becoming a norm

Providing excellent client service thereby increasing client retention

Adding value to all  partnerships with both newly formed and established businesses

Fair and honest Business

Trust above profits

Socio-Economic contribution that is meaningful and sustainable


SFG Projects Initiatives

sanctum movement non profit organisation SFG Projects

The Sanctum Movement

We believe that sustainability in business lies in giving back. Our value system is strongly founded on our corporate citizenship. 

The Sanctum Movement, founded as an non-profit organisation, has been in operation for almost four years. Through this vehicle, we have been involved in multiple initiatives including financial and material support to orphanages and homes for the old aged.

Each year the Movement commits to landing a helping hand in one way or another to surrounding communities.

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